laser tube bevel cutting machine


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laser tube bevel cutting machine T12



  • Bevel cuts of up to 45°

    High-quality bevel cutting up to 45°, expanding our part spectrum for versatile and precise cutting applications. Experience the enhanced capabilities of our advanced technology.

  • High strength and high rigidity bed

    The machine tool features a frame and enclosed structure that is welded using high-quality steel. It undergoes professional welding and precise machining on large gantry milling machines, ensuring excellent seismic resistance, high rigidity, and stability of the machine tool.

  • 3D bevel laser cutting head

    Using a specially tailored bevel cutting laser head paired with a capacitive non-contact automatic tracking system. With high-speed capacitive sensing, it achieves a minimum cutting distance of 0.2mm. Adjustable focus ensures perfect cutting results.

  • Universal chuck

    The universal chuck has adjustable clamping force and adaptability, and can be applied to round tubes, square tubes and other shapes of tubes. No need to change fixtures.


  • ModelLX-T12
  • Laser power2000~3000w
  • Acceleration1.2G
  • Dimensions round sections (min. – max.)- Ø 20-120mm
  • Dimensions rectangular sections (min. – max.)▢ 20x20-120x120mm
  • Cutting tube length≤6900mm
  • Dimensions (L*W*H)9100*2600*2300mm
  • Machine weight≈4.5T
  • Tube sectionsO ◻

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